A Computer Users Guide - http://www.geocities.com/compguide111/index.htm
Basic guides to selecting hardware and upgrades as well as steps to take when it goes wrong.
Ask Kim Tips & Tricks - http://members.aol.com/mskimtou/AskKimHome.html
Answers to common problems faced by windows users.
CNET - http://coverage.cnet.com/Help/Beginner/
Resource center for people new to the Internet, technology, or computing.
Computer and Internet Help Desk - http://www.geocities.com/cawrc
Free fixes and answers for your problems regarding hardware, software, or the internet.
Computer maintenance - http://arar.essortment.com/computersmainte_rxwv.htm
Some advice on hardware maintenance to improve the life of your PC.
Computer Training 2000 - http://www.computertim.com
Free computer how-to articles for beginners, training, and support.
Computer VidBook Guide - http://www.learn-about-computers.com/
Internet basics.
Computer-Lite Tips and Help - http://geocities.com/computerlite/
Help and resources for using your computer, AOL users, video gamers, troubleshooting, and more.
Description of Computer Cases - http://www.baber.com/coop/er/computer_cases.htm
An explanation of the different computer chassis to consider when shopping for a computer system.
DumbAsk.com - http://dumbask.com
Help for beginner computer users. Fast email answers to questions about hardware, Internet and Windows. Includes glossary, articles, message board, and FAQ.
Ecalpon - http://www.ecalpon.com
Basic file, multimedia, system and network tips. Link to live tech support.
Fixing Computers Hobby - http://members.fortunecity.com/emeramb/pc
Tips for novice pc users
Free Tech Support for PC's - http://members.bellatlantic.net/~vze22t63/webring.htm
Free Technical help for your Personal Computer by email.
Frequently Asked Questions Page - http://koltz.marshfield.k12.wi.us/
Covers some basic information for beginning computer users.
Fun With Image Composer - http://members.home.net/fcdrywall/
Easy to follow tips and tutorials for Microsoft Image Composer as bundled with Front Page.
Geekgirl.talk: Windows tutorials, commentary, reviews. - http://www.geekgirls.com
Free, plain-English tutorials on Windows, word processing, databases, spreadsheets, Web design, and the internet.
Handy Andy's Computer Tips - http://andrewoah.tripod.com/index.htm
Page is dedicated to helping people on computers and the Internet.
Houssein Hellany's networking fundamentals - http://www.med.unsw.edu.au/mcsu/hhellany/It%20Artickes.htm
Some networking fundamentals and network configuration guides for windows 98.
I Learn Software - http://www.ilearnsoftware.com/index.shtml
Windows 98 tips, resources, and help forum.
Into Software - Computer Training Materials - http://www.intosoftware.co.nz
Training manuals for the Microsoft Office range of products. Some can be read free on-line, others need to be purchased
Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101 - http://www.jegsworks.com/Lessons/lessonintro.htm
Course in computer basics: the textbook part of a college computer literacy course.
Jimmy Daniels' Tips Page - http://users.ezwv.com/~jdaniels/
Tips pages dedicated to favorite Windows programs.
Learning About Computing at SCC (ExplorathonAZ) - http://explorathonaz.keeptheinternetfun.org
This website was created to help girls get interested in learning about computing.
Lisa Laign's LittleWorks - http://www.little-works.com
Macintosh technical support. For answers to your Macintosh questions.
Live! - Ask a Computer or Internet Question - http://live.looksmart.com/cgi-bin/ask_vertical.cgi?category=300
Enables users to submit questions in an environment where others may answer. Those who asked the question can rate the quality of each answer.
Livineasy - The Website for Newbies - http://www.livineasy.com
For people new to Computers and the Internet. Offers free training written for users with little knowledge of computers.
Mikes Computer Info - http://mikescomputerinfo.com
Computer help and information for new computer users with support message board and links to more information.
NetStarter: Beginner's Guide to the Internet and E-mail - http://www.pctrainingsolutions.co.uk/net/
For those new to the world of the Internet. Learn about your web browser, how to work with e-mail, shopping and virus protection.
New User Tutorial - http://northville.lib.mi.us/tech/tutor/welcome.htm
A tutorial designed for people who have never used a computer before. Step-by-step instructions on how to use a mouse, typing commands into dialog boxes, double clicking, and other very basic functions.
Paynes Pages - http://www.kpayne.com/index
Site maintained by instructor for senior net learning center.
PC Insanity.com - http://www.pcinsanity.com
The resource for sane computing. A Win98 help site with advice, illustrated tips, tricks, and solutions to improve and secure your pc and internet experience. Answers to specific questions by e-mail.
PC Webopaedia - http://www.pcwebopedia.com/
For people trying to figure out what end of a pc is up.
PCHelp - http://home.hot.rr.com/bighobbies/PCHelp.htm
Help in keeping your PC up and running.
Pinboard Free I.T Help Guides - http://www.pinboard.org.uk
Help site with free PDF step-by-step guides. Includes: Windows 95/98, Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Corel Draw and Photo-Paint, HTML raw code - frames, forms, java applets.
PuterGeek.Com - Some How-to's - http://www.putergeek.com
Step-by-step how to's, making a bootdisk, re-installing Win95, Win98, WinME.
Reality Bytes - http://www.datacrime.com
A guide to the internet for the home pc user looking at safety and security.
RealPCHelp - http://www.realpchelp.com
Free PC tech support via e-mail, message boards, downloads, and manufacturers drivers.
Revive Your PC - http://reviveyourpc.jumpcomputers.com
Tips and tricks for beginners, learn how to fix, troubleshoot, and upgrade your PC.
SCS Computer Assistance - http://members.aol.com/scscompa/scscompa.htm
A small computer assistance company emphasising home computer use. Page includes newsletters plus information related to assistance work offered.
Slider Jon's - http://members.fortunecity.com/sliderjon
Help in troubleshooting and fixing PC problems. Archives, forum, and chat area.
soundblasterlivewarez: your sb live is a sampler - http://www.geocities.com/sblivewarez/
Soundfonts and soundfont tutorials for dummies and not so dummies.
Tech How To - http://www.techhowto.com
A wide selection and style of support material.
The Computer Tutor - http://www.travel2u.co.nz/thecomputertutor/
Help for those with little Internet experience.
The Graduate Assistant - http://www.rmckaig.com
General help for computer students.
The Newbie Club - http://www.newbieclub.com/
A selection of tutorials on computer terms and using windows.
The Rocky Report--A newsletter for computer and internet solutions - http://www.rockyreport.com
Computer users advice in a newsletter format.
Thinkydink - http://www.thinkydink.com/
Free, online source of tips, tricks, templates and tutorials for everyone from beginning computer users to advanced software developers.
Tips, Tricks and Tutorials - http://www.httpcity.com/tips
Collection of tips and tutorials for popular software and operating systems.
Universal Troubleshooting Process - http://www.troubleshooters.com/tuni.htm
Guide to becoming better at solving your own problems
Virtual Dr - http://www.virtualdr.com/
Tutorials and friendly assistance. Ask the question and others will post an attempt to answer.
Windows Galore - http://www.windowsgalore.com
Tips and tricks, Easter eggs, downloads, new utilities, news, faq's, forums, and troubleshooting.
Yosemite School - http://www.geocities.com/yoschool
Lessons in Paint shop pro and HTML
źNetworkError╗ Online - http://www.geocities.com/neterroronline
Help on everything from designing and building your own computer, to networking your house and choosing and installing an OS.

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